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Steven McClure Art

Steven McClure is an artist / illustrator based in Glasgow, Scotland.
Living in the West End a lot of the work he does is based around this area however, there are no limits on where he will draw.
Unlike many ‘urban sketchers’ out there, Steven’s drawing style involves a lot more time & detail, with particular attention on a blend of accuracy and imagery.
Many sketchers will sketch quickly ‘on-site’ whereas Steven likes to take photos of the subject matter and work at his studio desk away from distraction.
This method can see him lose himself for hours on an intricate piece.
Steven likes buildings primarily, which stems from an architectural technician job he had for a year when he was in his late teens.
There are styles of ‘archisketch’ which use pencils and straight lines for accuracy, while at the other end of the scale you have freehand, flowing sketching - Steven would say his style is somewhere in between - but has never used a pencil or a ruler to date.
Steven has been fortunate enough to have sold work throughout the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand and to date has had works commissioned by the Hard Rock Cafe Ltd & Tennent’s Brewery.


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Steven McClure Art


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