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Spicer Ceramics

Hannah of Spicer Ceramics has always been surrounded by the sea and it acts as a source of inspiration for her creative practice. Having moved from university in Aberdeen back to the West of Scotland, Hannah has continued to use this source of inspiration. She has established a firm methodology of travelling to a range of beaches to take samples of rock textures and forms. These samples are then made into molds and each piece is individually hand pressed and sculptured by Hannah. Some of her collections include the Stonehaven, Inverbervie and Holy Loch, all coastal locations around Scotland. She continues to travel around Scotland for new places and fresh inspiration which could lead to the next collection. She strives to create forms that are organic and natural in shape, texture and glaze. Hannah's pieces can be both functional and decorative. Hannah believes in creating pieces using the environment around her, and bringing this into the home.


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