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Ros Macdonald's Inky Works

As a painter and printmaker, Ros finds inspiration in fragments of nature held close for reflection. She employs a personal vocabulary of fluid marks and organic imagery to express the sensual pleasure and ephemeral quality of the natural world. Within this realm, her work varies from representational to abstract, and she is continuously moving along between the two. Ros tends to work in series, both subject matter and the materials used in creating her lino and wood plates and prints, or in the exploration of a particular image.
In years that are more recent, Ros has reconnected to her true love of painting and has been exploring ways to connect painting and printing processes. Moving from actual plants used as printing material in eco-printing and painting, where there is a seasonal aspect to this process; she is using found plant material, and the availability changes with the seasons. The temporal quality of the material, alluding to the passage of time, and the ephemeral nature of the material itself, all speaks to a place in her that craves more connection to the natural world.


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Ros Macdonald


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