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Rebecca Black

Fife based designer and embroidery artist Rebecca Sarah Black, also known as Blackbird & Bloom, creates modern embroidery designs, craft kits and bespoke artworks.

A former DJCAD Jewellery graduate, Rebecca took a break from her jewellery practice in 2019 and has since become immersed in the world of embroidery.

Much of Rebecca's inspiration and motivation behind her work is mindfulness. After struggling with her own anxiety during the first 2020 lockdown, Rebecca took to embroidery to support her journey to improve her mental health. The craft of embroidery is hugely therapeutic, and therefore, Rebecca wanted to share this craft and it's benefits through embroidery craft kits everyone could learn from and enjoy.

As well as embroidery craft kits, Rebecca specialises in bespoke Pet Portraits – using the technique of thread painting – and custom name artworks, each unique and created by hand.


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