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Orla Stevens

Orla Stevens is a multidisciplinary artist and designer making work that celebrates landscape, connection and play.

Rooted in painting, you can find Orla’s work in many contexts; from public art installations, to packaging, textiles and beyond.
Colours, marks and patterns are central to Orla’s practice, which translate to symbolise emotions, experiences, memories, and a sense of place. Through her art, Orla looks to explore our relationships with nature.

Orla gathers her research in the outdoors, from many walking and camping trips. This involves collecting thoughts, images, sketches and sound recordings to capture a multi-sensory experience of place. Musicality, rhythm, improvisation and harmony are important considerations in Orla’s work - especially in abstract pieces. Orla frequently collaborates with musicians and composers to explore this audio-visual conversation. Patterns from the landscape, walking, music or field recordings feature through work as textures, repeating marks, shapes and motifs. 

Orla trained in screen printed textiles at Edinburgh College of Art. The screen printing process, traditional quilting and folk art are great inspirations for her work.


Bespoke commissions, Workshops, Made to order, Eco friendly packaging

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Illustration, Fine art & sculpture

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