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Frondescence by Molly Cave

Frondescence by Molly Cave is a small creative business that creates very realistic fabric houseplant sculptures,
These are all made from fabric, often old clothes or bits and scraps of material.
They are perfect for those people who struggle to grow plants, or those who unfortunately just don’t have enough natural light in their home to grow plants.
Frondescence by Molly Cave also creates leafy home decor, as well as jewellery. And all with a friendly houseplant and botanical theme!
Molly also loves to re-create rare and unusual houseplants... This is because a lot of the really beautiful plants, are so rare they are almost impossible to get, especially here in the UK.These plants are created for ordinary people who don’t have the time or money to look after difficult and rare beauties. Molly doesn't want to replace having real plants.
But so you can have variation in colour, pattern, texture; possess very rare tropical plants, that look glorious and without any of the work or risk! To be able to display plants anywhere in your home, without worrying about if theres enough light or humidity.
All you have to think is... that looks great there!
And that’s what Frondescence is all about....


Bespoke commissions, Recycled products, Made to order, Recycled packaging, Eco friendly products, Eco friendly packaging

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