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Freya Moran

Freya creates bespoke textile artworks from her home in Edinburgh. Primarily working with fabrics, her work straddles the boundary between illustration and modern craft. Working with techniques such as natural dyeing, cyanotype dying, quilt-making and machine embroidery, Freya creates illustrative, hand stitched pieces. Freya now has an extensive range of wall hangings, home decorations, embroidered wearable garments and most recently a fully embroidered quilt. She has also developed a full range of high quality gicleé prints featuring embroidered imagery.

Much of her work is rooted in fairy and folktales, inspired by the stories, music and beliefs that shaped her upbringing. Fundamentals of Freya’s practice include whimsical characters and transcendental settings. Pieces are often also inspired by music, with established methodologies enabling the translation of sound into visual art.

Each piece is truly unique due to the handmade nature of her work, with embroidered artworks creating an intriguing visual effect. With such a heavy focus on digital artwork and graphic imagery nowadays, Freya’s work is a step away from the uniformity of traditional illustrative deign. The texture and tactility in her work is a quality rarely found within the modern illustration industry.


Bespoke commissions, Recycled products, Made to order, Recycled packaging

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