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zitozza is made in scotland by hungarian-born textile designer zita katona. the zitozza home is a contemporary look of bold, geometric shapes and vibrant colours on coarsely woven jute.

every product and surface is hand printed with wood blocks that are largely the same size, thus creating an interchangeable pattern system of infinite combinations and fully customisable, unique designs.

hand printing might come with imperfections and slight errors, creating a playful, uneven surface with bold colours that complements the warm, tactile roughness of the jute surface - this is the unique look zitozza offers to the modern home.

inspired by industrial landscapes and the concrete architecture of eastern europe - with a little bit of scottish influence through the rich textile heritage and the brutalist new towns, we believe in embracing the present.

our aim is to create fondness for these (sometimes unloved) human environments - with handmade charm and fun colours on durable and sustainable materials, for a happy, content home.


Bespoke commissions, Vegan products, Made to order, Eco friendly products


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Made to order wholesale/trade orders - bespoke designs can be arranged for stockists

Homeware, Printed Textiles

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