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Threid Stitches

Lorna is a contemporary embroidery artist who produces one-off wall hangings inspired by the Scottish terrain. Threid Stitches is known for the vibrant use of colours and a mixture yarns, threads and wool to produce tactile 3D textures, encouraging the viewer to interact with the work.
Threid Stitches aims to bring back the appreciation of the art of embroidery and its slow craft nature. In a modern world where everything is gained instantly, hand embroidery enables you to slow down and appreciate what we have around us and encourage others to do the same.

The main benefits of embroidery art is the durability and practicality, which enables the owner of the art to easily transport the embroidery to different areas within a space. Embroidery hoop art is also lightweight and a considerable size to fit onto any size of wall, shelving unit or display prop and works alongside other mediums of art.
Ready stitched embroidered hoops are available, displaying a range of colour palettes, sizes and personally visited locations throughout Scotland.

Lorna also works with clients to produce their own bespoke embroidery hoops of their personal and memorable locations, providing them with a sustainable piece of art they can hang up in their home and last for years. Each bespoke hoop is carefully considered based on the clients’ preferences and and attachment to the location, making the hoops truly unique to them.


Bespoke commissions, Made to order, Eco friendly packaging

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