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s i l e n z i o !

s i l e n z i o ! studio practice of Dana Finnigan, a multidisciplinary designer and maker. All of the products aim to push the limits of the medium into new and unique pieces. All the chosen medias have been selected for their tactile and hand craftable qualities and also their textural presentation. The purpose of the practice is to reconnect with arguably unfashionable art forms, transform them and create original one-of-a-kind, modern craft pieces.
The studio also runs Tufting Gun Workshops. The workshops are designed to give participants a beginner’s introduction to tufting gun use. Workshops include an intro to textile design, colour theory and a run down on technique to start the class before we start tufting.


Bespoke commissions, Recycled products, Workshops, Recycled packaging

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Fine art & sculpture, Homeware

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s i l e n z i o !


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