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Sheila Roberts Prints

Sheila Roberts is an artist printmaker based in Comrie, Perthshire. Always been fascinated by art Sheila studied drawing and painting at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art. When she moved to Edinburgh Sheila became an active member of the Edinburgh Printmakers and continued to experiment with different printmaking styles and techniques with the support of the Master printmaker and technician Alfons Bytautas. Now living in Comrie, Perthshire she works in her garden studio and exhibits at the Goldfinch Gallery PH6 2DS.
Sheila specialises in soft etchings and is inspired by her love of nature and tribal art. She creates images by making impressions of feathers, leather, lace, leaves and grasses into soft wax on a metal plate. These are then etched in a bath of acid which eats grooves into the metal plate. To make the print ink is scraped into the lines of the plate and then the surface is wiped clean with scrim and tissue paper. Damp paper is laid on top of the plate and put through the press under great pressure lifting the ink out of the lines to create a print. This process is repeated until the limited edition is completed and the prints are numbered and signed.


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