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Robyn Faye Gauld

Robyn Faye Gauld creates and sells illustrations of Scottish towns and cities that include an outstanding portfolio of artistic skills within drawing and painting. A great understanding of colour and the ability to produce creative pieces that are distinguished. She’s a creative thinker with a keen eye for detail that will oversee a project from initial concept to the finished product.

These popular art prints are treasured by many globally with sales in Scotland, England, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, and so on.

The business will continue to develop with the original idea of Scottish destinations but also begin to expand to global locations that will open opportunities for various new prints and products.

Robyn Faye Gauld is a Textile Design graduate that specialises in print. She has outstanding ambition and is always eagerly developing the business as well as new and exciting ideas.

Based in Dundee and always open for collaborations and exciting opportunities.

Find Robyn Faye Gauld on Etsy, Instagram and Facebook @robynfayegauld.

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Robyn Faye Gauld


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