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Reimagine by Kteodesigns

Reimagine by Kteodesigns was created by Kim Tiong, a Jewellery and wellbeing designer who studied at Duncan of Jordonstone in Dundee. Here she discovered what Service design was and how creating such services could help people. During her studies she did a topic that allowed her to create an amulet for someone experiencing mild to severe social anxiety. She began to use the person centred approach to design as it gave the project a sense of meaning and purpose. The necklace she created reminded her of the ocean through colour therapy and infusing it with lavender calmed her down. The thrill of the piece effecting her mood instantly lifting her which gave Kim more desire to pursue this type of approach and theme of aiding mental health through jewellery. It eventually became my degree show piece and now I want to continue to pursue this as I think it’s a niche market and I want people to see jewellery as not just something aesthetically pleasing but something that is functional and can aid their mental health. I also like the feeling of helping someone through jewellery as I genuinely believe it can have the power to heal and create that conversation.


Bespoke commissions, Workshops, Made to order, Laser cut and interactive products

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Jewellery, Wood work

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Photographed and directed by Kim Tiong. Camera work Jamie Tiong


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