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Martine Greig

Martine Greig is a ceramic artist and illustrator based in Kirkcaldy, Fife. She has a small ceramics studio in her garden where she creates unique hand built creatures from clay. Much of her work is fired outside in a Raku kiln. She enjoys the chance effects caused by putting the hot glazed pieces in combustible materials.

The beauty and excitement of revealing a ceramic piece from the bucket of smoke is like a pottery gift, be it an elephant, mouse or gnome. This truly makes each and every creature as unique as the next in its finish. The reached effects include different crackles and beautiful metallic finishes. Capturing the colour of each piece differently.

In addition to the fun decorative pieces of ceramics Martine also illustrates happy quirky animals with watercolour and ink. These are available as handy pocket notebooks and greeting cards.


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