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Kim Plimley Ceramics

Kim Plimley is a self-taught ceramist based in Glasgow. She has been working with clay since 2019, having fallen in love with making pottery after completing a weekend workshop at the Glasgow Ceramic Studio.

The range includes functional kitchen and home wares that are modern yet rustic in style, inspired by the ever-changing weather and landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, specifically the Cairngorms National Park and its moody vistas.

Predominantly working with black stoneware clay to make one off vases and planters, Kim also uses white flecked clay for her kitchenware and is currently exploring surface texture through the use of lichen glazes and hand carving. The majority of her work is wheel-thrown but, more recently, has begun using hand building techniques to create more organic forms.

Using her experience in interior design, Kim makes each pot with a consideration of scale, form, colour and texture and how the end piece might sit within a given space, resulting in beautiful ceramics for the home or commercial setting.


Bespoke commissions, Eco friendly packaging

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Kim Plimley Ceramics


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