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Ian Henderson Ceramics

Ian Henderson is a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art. He studied Ceramics and has been working in clay for about 25 years. He has a studio at his home outside South Queensferry near the River Forth on Hopetoun Estate.

Ian’s work is hand made; - thrown on the traditional potter’s wheel. This is s skillful task and takes many years of practice to perfect. His work is also glazed and decorated by hand making each piece an individual and unique item. He produces short production runs of shapes encouraging the individual over the uniform. He does not attempt to make “sets” of items although there will be a familial identity evident in most of the forms.

All of Ian’s pots are intended to be used; either in the process of making and sharing food, the rituals of tea and coffee or for decoration throughout the home. The glazes are food safe and hard wearing and should last for many years without change.


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