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Gles Jewels

Angelika Gonzales is the highly skilled artisan for Gles Jewels. She graduated with a jewellery design degree and was under supervision of famous silversmith Myra Mimlitsch-Gray. Angelika is primarily inspired by her Peruvian ancestors to make sophisticated eye-catching designs. She uses quality natural materials such as cruelty-free peacock feathers, gemstones, and sterling silver.
Gles designs make you look and feel elegant, boosts your confidence and makes you stand out from the crowd. Gles is special for a romantic date, a girl’s night as well as time with family, or just whenever there is a need to feel effortlessly elegant and elevated.
There is a high presence of abstract yet symmetrical design and feather in Gles Jewels, it is distinct throughout inspired by over 700AD year old Peruvian culture. Gles lets the viewer extract elements from her designs that resonate with the personal memories of the wearer and their own cultural experiences.
In Incan Peruvian culture mythology they considered gold to be the ‘Sweat of the Sun’ and Silver to be the ‘Tears of the Moon’. From this civilisation we also brought this idea, as well as the elegant semicircle shape, because it was used throughout the prehistoric civilization of Peru in body adornment. Distinct Gles Jewels designs are achieved by saw piercing technique believed to be dating before 1600s.


Eco metals, Eco friendly products

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Angelika Gonzales and Mario Gonzales


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