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Erolin Studios

Caroline Erolin is a Printmaker working from her home studio in the countryside just north of Carnoustie. She describes herself as a “lecturer in medical art by day, and a printmaker by night”. Caroline studied Fine Art and Illustration before going on to specialise in Medical Illustration. Now in her forties, she is a senior lecturer in Medical Art at the University of Dundee, specialising in 3D digital modelling. However, when she gets home, Caroline loves nothing more than getting her hands dirty with traditional printmaking techniques.
Inspired by the natural world, Caroline’s prints feature a variety of animals both wild and domestic, as well as human and animal anatomy. Her work tends to alternate between colourful reduction prints and more stark monochrome pieces. Many of her prints feature creatures that are often overlooked such as insects and amphibians.
Over the years Caroline has transitioned from printing with her trusty wooden spoon, to getting a relief press, and most recently her prize possession, a Gunning Etching press. She works mostly in linocut and etching but also experiments with collagraph and monotype printing.

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All prints and photographs/video are by myself.


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