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Eleanor Kerr-Patton

With over a decade of experience, artist Eleanor Kerr-Patton demonstrates a unique approach to jewellery as an exploration of mental health. She has contributed to noted UK and international exhibitions, been selected as a designer to watch by Not Just a Label and has received multiple grants and bursaries to create new pieces.

Eleanor combines her love of precious metals with unexpected materials to create beautiful and thought provoking art jewellery. Her first collection “Hidden Damage’ explored the stages of mental break down and recovery using Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing pottery with lacquer and gold dust, applied to mirrors. Treating damage as part of the history of the object, rather than something to disguise.

Her recent work looks at the longer term experience of being in recovery. Exploring the misconception that people living with mental ill health are always suffering, and the guilt surrounding moments of happiness as they prove “you're not that ill, are you?” Eleanor creates wearable embodiments of joy, allowing us to reconnect with this almost forbidden feeling by bringing a sense of silliness and delight to everyday life.

Her pieces are constructed using ethically sourced and sustainable materials where ever possible.


Bespoke commissions, Eco metals, Recycled products, Vouchers Available, Made to order, Recycled packaging, Eco friendly products, Eco friendly packaging

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