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Chiara Celini

Chiara Celini Illustrations is a space where she has gathered a following and interest for detailed illustrations that capture the people of our planet, patterns and stories. Communicating thought provoking messages through visuals is why she chose this career path. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and she believes so.

Chiara turns serious and thought provoking subjects into something fun and light hearted to view. Now, a year on from completing her studies, she hopes to branch into the editorial and picture book market, as well as continue to connect with other makers of her country, through pop up events and her online shop.

Her approach to creating combines traditional and modern techniques. Predominantly working in watercolour, gouache and pencil she then makes her characters and stories come to life through digital touches.
Inspiration comes to Chiara in the simplest of forms, such as day to day anecdotes and everyday people. This is what allows her to create relatable artwork.

Based in Edinburgh, Chiara Celini Illustrations is an independent online and commission based business selling illustrated prints, originals and illustrated products.


Bespoke commissions, Recycled packaging, Eco friendly packaging, Greeting cards, printed accessories/stationary, prints and originals

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Freelancer and Independent seller, hoping to branch into wholesale

Illustration, Painting

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Chiara Celini


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