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Bluebelle Bombshell

Jenna Martin Leitch, also known as Bluebelle Bombshell, creates works to bring JOY. Birds, sunshine, nature, words and imagery to inspire and to ‘make happy’ in peoples lives, hers included! The aim being, to ‘help you find your happy, as she goes about her life finding hers!’

In her pint sized home studio in the Kingdom of Fife, she makes work in a variety of media; painting, on paper and wood, drawing, printmaking and writing. Creating images that, inspired by her time in the great outdoors, (running mostly, and walks with her young family), brings it into your home.

She often works to commission, and loves the process of coming up with a final idea, through a blether along the way!

Conversation, connection, friendship, and words... birds, beasties and blethers... creating art that brings a ‘little piece of (her own kind) of sunshine’ into your home.


Bespoke commissions, Vouchers Available

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Markinch, Fife

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Illustration, Painting

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Jenna Martin Leitch and Jilly Noble


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