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Astrid Weigel

Astrid Weigel is a textile designer/maker producing a collection of home decorative accessories and wall art, all of which are designed, screen printed and sewn by her.

Her inspiration comes predominately from nature and everyday life - a walk in the countryside, an old building, marks and patterns, even just a memory might spark something off. More recently, her gaze has turned indoors to more domestic subjects such as house plants, observations from her window, cherished items that have been part of her daily life for a number of years. These themes have been combined with geometric shapes and a variety of textures to form stylised, sometimes semi abstract images.

Astrid’s fabrics are created using a mixture of techniques comprising screen printing, hand cut stencils, free-hand painting and are embellished with hand/machine stitching to add more colour and textural interest.

Coming from a design background, her work aims to bridge the gap between functional design and craft based art. Sometimes her one-off wall art pieces will inspire a more commercial pattern design, sometimes it’s vice versa.

Astrid’s aim is to create beautiful hand made functional items.


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Arbroath, Angus

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Astrid Weigel


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