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Wayne Galloway Ceramics

Wayne Galloway is a ceramic artist working in Crail, Fife. He works from his garden studio, predominantly creating pieces on the potters’ wheel.

Wayne has a particular interest in alternative firing techniques including horsehair and feather raku - resulting in delicate and unique markings. Feathers and horsehair and collected from local forests and stables

Texture is important, he creates smooth, burnished surfaces which are finished with layers of terra sigillata, an ancient ultra-refined slip. This provides a perfect canvas for his firings. The resulting pieces, polished with beeswax, are always invitingly tactile.

Wayne is interested in the ancient firing technique of pitfiring. He connects his work to the local environment by collecting driftwood and seaweed from the Crail shores to fuel his kilns. Each piece has dramatic surfaces, reminiscent of the brooding East Neuk seas.

Wayne shows his work at galleries across Scotland and exhibits at selected events including Potfest Scotland and Potfest in the Pens.


Ceramics, Homeware


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Crail, Fife


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