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Tìr-Dhàimh – pronounced teer-dive – is the Scottish Gàidhlig word for homeland. A contemporary and considered lifestyle brand, Tìr-Dhàimh draws inspiration from Scotland: its nature, its culture and its landscapes. Traditional emblems are revisited and distilled into modern designs, scents and fabrics. In homewares and accessories, Tìr-Dhàimh products create a sense of everyday luxury, marrying indulgence and sophistication with the comforts of home.

Tìr-Dhàimh is the creation of Scottish designer, Rachel Devine. Trained in fashion design in Glasgow and London, Rachel has built her reputation producing designs for both high street and high end retailers. An experienced senior designer, she is adept at sourcing materials – invariably hand-picked – from suppliers at home and abroad.

Throughout her career, she has taken inspiration from her homeland; adding her own unique perspective to traditional themes and motifs. With Tìr-Dhàimh, she brings that sensibility to a new audience, exploring new mediums to convey her ideas and designs.


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