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Só Madra

Só Madra (Gaelic – Só: Lux/Luxury, Madra: Dog) luxury dog apparel is innovatively designed and handcrafted in the Harbour Town of Eyemouth in the Scottish Borders. The coastal and woodland landscape is the inspiration taken for the colours featured in the branding and products.

Offering outstanding quality and a bespoke service, Só Madra artisan leads and collars are all handmade to order and no two pieces are exactly the same.

Their luxury dog apparel is handcrafted using traditional marine techniques - no knots, no glue, no clamps. All materials and fittings are high quality marine grade using double braid rope alongside stainless steel and solid brass hardware. This gives your dog apparel the best chance of withstanding the elements and reduces the risk of rust and tarnish. Hand splicing the rope ensures maximum strength and provides confidence that your lead and collar is fit for purpose no matter what the size of your dog.

Só Madra dog apparel is rugged and robust enough for all types of dogs, whilst remaining extremely stylish and comfortable to use. Each piece is given the utmost care and attention to detail before leaving Só Madra HQ for it’s new home with you and your dog!


Bespoke commissions, Made to order, Eco friendly packaging


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