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Second Cashmere

We are Second Cashmere. We handpick, restore and reinvent discarded cashmere to create zero waste luxury collections that don't cost the earth.

We’re guided by one simple truth: the rate at which we currently consume just isn’t sustainable. Fast fashion is a major contributor to global warming, loss of habitat, and unethical working conditions around the world and things just can’t continue as they are.

Fortunately, there are many ways in which we, as consumers, businesses and communities, can turn this around. One of those ways, our way, involves a shift from sourcing resources from the natural world to waste.

We offer an alternative to mass-produced cashmere by reinventing waste cashmere destined for recycling and landfill, to create reclaimed cashmere yarns, original designs and restored cashmere knitwear collections from celebrated brands.

Desirable design, deliberate choices. The way we see it, both are possible.
So with care and creativity, we want to spearhead a new way to make sustainable, luxury shopping possible.


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All photos taken by Lotti Blades-Barrett, Founder of Second Cashmere.

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