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Saskia Gavin Jewellery

Saskia finds inspiration in her environment, natural and manmade. She is attracted to form, shape and texture, and especially in the rhythms created by repeating elements. These are the building blocks of the collections she makes in response to a question or theme.
Her jewellery is sculpture on a wearable scale. She believes that the feel of jewellery to the wearer is important, jewellery is to be touched as much as looked at. Currently she works mostly with silver and copper, sawing,hammering, forming and shaping, soldering and polishing to move from flat sheet to the space-holding 3D pieces.
Her current collection is named after Hutton’s Section, on Salisbury Crags, where James Hutton, father of modern geology, found proof for his theory that heat and pressure play an essential role in rock formation.The influence of the rocky landscape is clearly visible in this work featuring striking interrupted lines and kinetic pieces, the etched inner surfaces contrasting with the smooth outer ones, like rocks which seem so solid, yet from time to time, splinter and tumble.


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