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Sarah Koetsier Ceramics

Sarah Koetsier is a ceramicist based in St. Andrews, Fife, making a range of hand thrown functional and decorative porcelain pots. Her work focuses on surface decoration, clean designs, and the contrast of textures and colours. Each pot is individual and unique, decorated by hand with coloured underglazes and oxides. She experiments with different textures using the clay itself, underglazes and high firing pencils, carving, sanding, drawing, and glazing to create tactile surfaces. Sarah is drawn to pots with elegant and simple shapes and splashes of colour. She uses one of the purest porcelains available which comes out a lovely bright white and accepts colours extremely well. Her inspiration is more about the material itself than anything else, her work is an exploration in porcelain.


Bespoke commissions, Made to order, Recycled packaging


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Sarah Koetsier

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