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Rachelle W Designs

Rachelle is an illustrated homeware designer based in Edinburgh.

Drawing inspiration from things she loves such as her favourite foods and the vibrant city she lives in, she translates her designs into a range of colourful homeware. Her latest collection, “Homegrown” promotes fresh produce in a colourful design and most recently features an autumnal twist with assorted pumpkins and squashes.

All her work start of as either carefully hand drawn illustrations or with pieces of hand cut textured paper to create collages. Each piece is then scanned and tweaked slightly to carry the colour vibrancy through to the finished product.

Sourcing only good quality and responsibly sourced materials, the brand also seeks to keep the British manufacturing heritage alive.

Rachelle loves working on a variety of commissions, from charity projects, wedding stationery and much more. If you’re looking for artwork for any type of occasion or just want to treat yourself then please get in touch!


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Rachelle W Designs

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