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Masha and the prints

Masha Tiplady is a fine art printmaker, member of Edinburgh Printmakers.
Masha works primarily in linocut and creates colourful prints, using both reduction and multiple-plate techniques.
This is how Masha describes her creative process: “An idea for a new linocut often comes from seeing beautiful colours and shapes around me, in everyday life. I also find inspiration in my favourite books, music and in history. The beginning of the 20th century and 50s-70s are my two favourite eras, I find their aesthetics and culture absolutely fascinating.
To me, linocut is a perfect medium, which combines a thorough planning and methodical labour-intensive process with an element of a complete surprise- you really don't get to see the final result until you’ve drawn your picture on lino, then carved it, then inked it and rolled it out on paper. I work from a small home studio and hand-print all my linocuts, one by one, using a converted antique mangle or, more often, just with the back of a wooden spoon”.


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