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Made it Orkney

Made it Orkney is a small, independently run fused glass business producing a large and eclectic range of fused glass art. Based on the wild and beautiful islands of Orkney, chief maker Nonnie is inspired by her surrounding landscapes and crofting life. After years of making small pieces of fused glass for friends and family she was often asked where she got them from, the response being “I made it.” In 2017, Nonnie decided it was time to turn her hobby into something more, and Made it Orkney was born.

Largely self-taught in the intricacies of cutting and fusing glass, Nonnie’s business has organically grown into a successful enterprise specialising in affordable, original and handmade glass gifts and keepsakes. Popular styles include her wildflower meadows, forever flower bouquets, highland coos and puffins. Nonnie also enjoys experimenting with some bigger art pieces and working on the occasional commission.

Behind the scenes, Nonnie is an active crofter, mum, a granny. She takes all of her roles equally seriously and can often be found combining granny duties with glass making. She finds grandchildren to be a great source of inspiration and they tend to make less mess in the shed than the sheep.


Recycled products, Vouchers Available, Workshops, Made to order


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