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Loch Ness Leather

Heather Hanshaw is a second generation Leathersmith, learning her craft from a young age from her parents.
Her business name is Loch Ness Leather, and she makes beautiful, interesting and practical leather pieces in her garden workshop in Carrbridge in the Highlands of Scotland. You will find Heathers work in a number of Craft shops across Scotland, or you may order directly from her website.
Products include, Belts, Handbags, Whisky Dram Sets and Purses, all made by hand. Heather also specialises in hand dyeing her products which are often embossed with a celtic knotwork theme. Her hand dyeing techniques really bring out the patterns in the leather, and makes each piece unique.


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Catriona Parmenter Photography (All but 'hip flask and dram set' which is myself, Heather Hanshaw)

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