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Lemoine Pottery

Lemoine Pottery is a small business set up by Jane Lemoine in 2020.
Jane makes contemporary and affordable stoneware taking inspiration from the world around her such as the landscape of the Campsie hills near where she lives, the colourful flowers in her garden or the concentric circles formed by a drop of water in her garden pond. Her ceramics are functional; designed to be used everyday, feel comfortable and give pleasure to their users. She also has recently started to make ceramic jewellery.
Jane's love for pottery started as a young child when she attended classes held in the local educational centre in her village. Nowadays she divides her time between being a classical violinist and creating and developing her ceramic practice.


Bespoke commissions, Made to order, Eco friendly packaging


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Jewellery, Ceramics

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Jane Lemoine

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Balmore, East Dunbartonshire


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