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Kit Martin Photography

Kit sees beauty in small things, be it the wing of an insect, the texture of a wasps' nest or the shape of a wildflower. She is a photographer who enjoys making images as much as taking them, so she works with camera-less historical processes such as cyanotype, lumens and photograms as well as with digital. She prints on both paper and fabric. Kit tries to capture the overlapping contingencies of time and place through photography. This might result in prints being made at the seashore or at a river, using natural elements such as the action of the tide on light sensitive paper. She loves to be outdoors and the sun is central to much of her work, primarily cyanotypes. Kit seeks out peace. As well as working outdoors, she has been drawn to museums, bringing specimens out of storage and celebrate their form and structure through photography, while wondering at their story. Sharing her enjoyment of these creative processes with other people has led to many collaborations and workshops, which she regularly runs in cyanotype, argyrotype and pinhole.




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Kit Martin Photography

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