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Kirsten Ferguson Photography

Kirsten Ferguson is a multimedia artist, photographer and arts educator from Paisley
Scotland. Her photographic work focuses on the natural world, and observations of animal
behaviour. Kirsten works with a telephoto lens which allows her to capture images of her
subjects, while maintaining a respectful distance. The ethics of respect in safeguarding
wildlife is incredibly important in her creative practice as a wildlife photographer. Kirsten's
training as a fine artist allows her to convey mood and atmosphere with the available natural light, weaving storytelling into her images, rather than merely presenting documentary shots. Through her work, Kirsten invites us to reconnect with nature, and maintain our instinctive relationship with our environment.
Kirsten’s work has been featured on BBC Springwatch, BBC Earth, STV and has been showcased by Chris Packham and Nikon. Her work has also been published locally and internationally, including in National Geographic.
In 2023 Kirsten was a finalist in the British Wildlife Photography Awards.
Kirsten’s work is available as matted, mounted prints, as well as framed prints made to order.


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Kirsten Ferguson Photography

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