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KAZrobertson jewellery

Kaz designs and creates her jewellery from her studio in Coburg house, Edinburgh. Mainly working with resin, she produces pieces by combining a bold colour palette with pattern.

Colour is an essential element in Kaz’s work. Working with resin she creates her own colour palette by mixing pigments. Depending on the collection being worked on she can create a bold, clashing palette, or a softer, sophisticated palette . Layering translucent resin over opaque helps achieve a richer finish and a wider colour range too. By adding pattern to the layers and using inlaying techniques Kaz creates unique effects.

Kaz wants the wearer to enjoy the jewellery, and appreciate the little extra details which are incorporated. Some pieces are reversible for an added surprise. Others have magnets set within which allows bangles to stick together in sets. Mis-matching is another strong design element of Kaz’s jewellery.


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