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Julie Campbell Illustration

A self-taught artist, Julie’s love of nature has inspired her throughout her life. From a childhood exploring the wild spaces and creatures of Fife, to a career in wildlife recording and natural history museum curatorship. Her joint passions for the outdoors and art also led to a life of sketching and recording what she sees on walks and adventures, and while at home with her children Julie perfected her unique style of interpreting the wild wonders around her - starting with detailed pencil sketches, then developing ideas digitally, rendering her finished works with bold lines, and a carefully chosen selected palette of colours.

Julie turns these works featuring her favourite natural spaces and faces into prints, accessories, decorations and homewares. Julie also takes great joy in creating art for others through commissions– from pet portraits to landscapes and book covers to record sleeves, she finds the process of creating illustrative works through collaboration and discussion a rewarding part of her work.

Her comic work is also developing in scope. She creates, writes and illustrates her own original comics featuring nature, a sense of place, and stories about the emotional and spiritual journeys that we take in our lives.


Bespoke commissions, Recycled products, Recycled packaging, Eco friendly packaging


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