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Joanna Craig Fine artist and designer

Joanna Craig makes paintings and compositions inspired by the land she finds beneath her feet. Joanna finds a catalytic value in parallels and juxtapositions from the simplicity and geological diversity she percieves in what she describes as 'stunning Land form and Landscape in coastlines and river mouths, alongside the zealous, rich experience of culture right within the city'. Joanna directly translates these evocations into her Art Works and designs. In her work Joanna uses colour, composition, brush strokes and pencil marks as an energy to communicate the parallels and juxtapositions she describes, in both authentic representation and alternative viewing points. Joanna Craig's output, in striking, bold, colourful and expressive Art works and designs, aim to express what she feels to be 'the curious personality of these lands'.
Joanna Craig works are available in framed and unframed Originals, giclee prints and capsule collection luxury silks.


Bespoke commissions, Vouchers Available, Made to order, Eco friendly products


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