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J. Aubrey Jewellery

J Aubrey is an earth conscious jewellery brand designed by Stacy Carmichael.

Stacy uses traditional processes while focusing on sustainability. Using recycled silver, found and reclaimed items such as sea glass, ethically sourced stones, and lead-free enamels in her jewellery, she endeavours to lessen the impact of her work. She also uses recycled packaging materials and reduces the use of chemicals, substituting with less toxic alternatives when possible. By being conscientious, the environmental impact of jewellery making can be reduced considerably. It’s an on-going process that she evaluates constantly.

Stacy’s organic, minimalist pieces are influenced by her love of nature, all things green, and the colours and contours of the natural environment.

The name J. Aubrey Jewellery is inspired by Stacy’s maternal grandfather, James Aubrey.


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