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Ipsokipso Ceramics

Hello, my name is Alison and I create objects large and small from clay. I have an Artists space in a Shared Ceramics Studio; this allows access to a large variety of equipment and my own working area. I graduated in 2003 from The Glasgow School of Art in Ceramics and Design. Since graduating I have continued to create work.

Alison enjoys changing the scale of my work as this encourages me to look at different themes for inspiration. The larger pots are based on a variety of seed heads, smaller items on material and mechanical items. Previous work includes figurative and decorative pieces (both bold and subtle), home and garden features and I have recently finished and applied handmade tiles for my kitchen. I also create personal pieces based on my mood and would be happy to accept commissions from…

Favourite materials
Clay, Glass, Metal, Paper, Stitch Oil Pastels, Pastels Alison, ipsokipso ceramics, works from a shared studio in Glasgow.
This can be interesting, as the clay process is messy, space intensive and not really
conducive to family life or meal preparation, the lattter produced by a patient husband.
Alison has made a few pieces, mostly small decorating and storing them to prevent
breakages before firing when access to a kiln is possible These will hopefully fire well and
be on display at the next Lochwinnoch craft market which is a good venue for crafts people
to interact with public and display their work.
During this time, sales were not expected, however, Alison has had
small sales through via the facebook page from
The influences that Alison’s work evolves from are the folds and textures found in textiles,
geology and plant surfaces. These range from the soft and subtle to bold and dramatic
and are incorporated into pieces both large and small., from functional to decorative
pieces., using handbuilding techniques.


Bespoke commissions, Workshops, Made to order


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