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ida design

ida design is a small business created by Kirsty Ida Brown. Kirsty hand felts sustainable products such as pot cosies, vase cosies, vessels, and wall hangings. She graduated from Art School in 2022 where she studied textile design. Kirsty wanted to continue creating art through her passion for sustainability and promoting the importance of having a connection with nature.

Consequently Kirsty feels it is important for her to work in partnership with nature and believes in the concept of ‘borrowing’. Borrowing colour from nature through the use of natural dyes. Borrowing materials from nature such as wool and hemp fabric. Borrowing visual inspiration from nature, capturing the essence of nature’s beauty.

Kirsty starts by making drawings of the natural environment using watercolours, oil pastels and inks. She then uses this art work as inspiration for her felted pieces. She uses hands on processes such as wet felting, needle felting and sewing allowing each product to be unique.

Kirsty hopes that the beauty of the natural world is highlighted in her products and symbolises a connection to nature. Her handmade products can help bring the outside in and be used to to hold nature within your home.


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