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Holly Silver by Rebecca

Holly Silver by Rebecca, formerly Holly Silver Jewellery, is about creating bespoke personalised pieces of jewellery that convey more than just style, with unique and meaningful hand-stamped messages incorporated in each.

Her designs are heart felt with meaning behind each piece that reflects Rebeccas journey in life so far. She aims to spread as much love with her jewellery through empowering words or sentiments in the design made especially for you.

Rebecca also offers a wonderful "Reloved" Remodelling service where by she will take your precious sentimental jewellery and design and make a new unique piece that holds your story in it. Her jewellery comes from a place of heart felt love and a wee bit of Rebecca goes into every piece.


Bespoke commissions, Made to order


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Rebecca Robertson, Distant Studio

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Kinross, Scotland


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