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Helen Ruth Scarves

Helen Ruth is a luxury accessories label specialising in digitally printed silk and wool scarves, printed and hand-finished in Scotland.
Each scarf starts with original hand-drawn illustrations, usually in pen and ink. These artworks are then converted to digital files to be coloured, repeated, mirror imaged, collaged and combined with found imagery and photography to create the intricate and layered prints of the scarves.
Helen’s designs draw on inspiration from her surroundings in the North East of Scotland, as well as local folklore, childhood memories, stories and music. She uses her illustrations to create digital collages that are rich in both colour and pattern but on closer attention hint at hidden tales. Helen delights in incorporating unexpected detail in these illustrative designs, often with subtle sinister undertones alluding to the bitter sweet or melancholy in nature and folk tales . Her latest collection ‘Theory of Flight’ is inspired by her Grandad’s own fairy stories he wrote for Helen and her brothers, that incorporate the surrounding landscape in Aberdeenshire and his love of the local landmarks.

It has always been a a core value of the brand to keep production local and ethical. Printing and hand finishing are carried out in the UK.


Bespoke commissions, Eco friendly products, Eco friendly packaging


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