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Greenoft Naturals

Greenloft Naturals is dedicated to crafting high quality, healthy and effective skin and hair care products that moisturise, heal and nourish your skin. ​The range of Soap products are hand-made using traditional methods and Greenloft Naturals is dedicated to sourcing the best quality plant oils and butters, pure essential oils, wild herbs and botanicals. The soap-making method is gentle, cruelty-free, ethical, and 100% environmental-friendly.
The bespoke home range of Scented Candles, Room Sprays and Diffusers are hand blended using the natural essence of essential oils to create, gentle natural aromas around the home.
Essential oils have such a powerful effect on our emotional and mental well being. Diffusing certain oils can shift your internal state from a place of stress and tension, into one of peace, harmony and relaxation. This is at the heart of Greenloft scents, with each blend being carefully chosen to evoke the emotions into a harmonious state. Let the natural essence of essential oils take you on a journey of Calm, Balance, Clarity and Sensuality.


Skincare & Beauty, Candles & Home fragrance


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Bespoke commissions, Vegan products, Made to order, Eco friendly products, Eco friendly packaging

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