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GHickey Design

Georgina – the designer-maker behind GHickey Design - doesn’t believe in owning beautiful things and not using them every day or buying something simply because it’s on trend. That’s why she prioritises functionality and doesn’t look to seasonal trends for inspiration; Georgina looks for powerful colours and compositions in her own photography and is continuously influenced by architecture, fine art, film, and TV.
Convinced of the power of a beautifully decorated environment on one’s wellbeing, Georgina’s mission is to show how timeless surface design on commonplace items can create bespoke homes that people can fall in love with and feel connected to.
The distinct style of GHickey Design originated in her graduate collection, where she found beauty in imperfect hand-drawn lines being cut into clean, structured shapes. Together with eye catching colour palettes, the end result is familiar and unique all at once with intricate details becoming clearer the longer you sit with them


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Homeware, Textiles

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All photographs were taken by Georgina Hickey

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