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Fife Contemporary - The Fife Carers' Collection

Fife Contemporary produces a high quality programme of visual art and craft to support artists and makers and for the public in Fife, facilitating engagement between them and enriching their lives.

A current project is working with groups of carers in Fife – Fife Carers Centre (adults), and Fife Young Carers. In consultation with them, they are paired with practising artists and makers – to date, ceramicist Gavin Burnett, jeweller Stefanie Cheong, visual artist Alan Grieve, and perfumer and poet Rebecca Sharp - to spend some precious time learning new, creative skills.

The Fife Carers’ Collection is a collection of high quality, original gifts designed by them. These include:
• natural wax candles using scents devised by adult carers, blended and handmade in Fife with help from volunteers from Fife Carers’ Centre and artist Rebecca Sharp;
• handmade ceramics made by Gavin Burnett, slip-cast from moulds using original designs by Young Carers in Glenrothes and Leven;
• printed items using imagery created with Young Carers from Glenrothes and artist Alan Grieve (all printed in the UK);
• and most recently, ‘Symbols of Care’ jewellery, handmade by Stefanie Cheong from carers’ designs.

50% of profits from sales is returned to the carers’ groups to spend on much deserved ‘treats’.


Eco friendly products, Eco friendly packaging


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Due to limited stock, we are currently unable to work with stockists.

Jewellery, Ceramics

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Images by Stefanie Cheong, Susan Davis, Julian Davis

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