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Evie Grace Illustration

Evie is an illustrator based in Perthshire. As an ‘illustrator, storyteller and creative thinker’, she is inspired to tackle important issues such as climate change, body image and mental health. She feels strongly that illustration is a hugely effective medium in raising awareness of world issues and works hard to get her clear and insightful ideas out as widely as she can.

When Evie is not working on illustrating difficult topics, she is creating light hearted, witty designs often themed around plants, food and drink, the realities of being a woman, what’s on the news, and which often incorporate positive messages. Her online shop is filled with these bold and eye catching illustrations as prints, postcards and greetings cards.

Evie’s work is inspired by the stories she collects through her own life experience, travel and conversations as well as current affairs. Through the use of subtle humour her illustrations catch the eye and spark discussion. “I think that humour is an amazing way to grab people’s attention. For me, to make someone laugh is one of the greatest feelings in the world, but to make someone laugh while educating and promoting positive change is one up from that.”


Bespoke commissions, Recycled products, Prints, postcards and greetings cards


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Comrie, Perthshire


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