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Eve Cockburn Jewellery

Eve Cockburn Jewellery is still within its first year of business. Based in Glasgow, she works from Vanilla Ink Studio to create all of her collections and commissions. Taking commission based work is a fantastic way for her business to build relationships with clients by helping their visions become a reality. She loves to create a connection with clients and encourage their creativity by helping with the design process. Alongside working on commission work she is continuing to develop her next collection. She is a firm believer in design for function. Therefore, she always ensure her jewellery is wearable and tableware is functional whilst being aesthetically pleasing. Eve always use a combination of modern and traditional techniques. Combining these techniques is extremely important to her as a modern designer/maker. She understands there are new ways of working available such as 3D printing. It is a new technique which she does not want to use as a replacement but use as an enhancement for her work where she deems it appropriate. She likes to creatively combine the use of modern materials as well as traditional silversmithing practice. Eve does not believe modern technology should be replacing the traditional techniques but she believes it is important to integrate these techniques into the future of jewellery and silversmithing. Eve hopes to continue to use this method of combination techniques in her future collections to help distinguish her work.


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Eve Cockburn Jewellery

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