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Enbean Art

Enbean Art, founded by Jean, is driven by their creative vision and a simple mission: to provide representation for underrepresented communities, drawing from their own journey as a queer and disabled individual. They started Enbean to fill the gap they felt growing up, aiming to see their own experiences and identity reflected in art. With encouragement from their partner Poppy, Jean took the leap in 2022, sharing their art with the world, and since then, Enbean has been on a steady growingy. Their artistic style is defined by vibrant colors, playful shapes, and a touch of silliness, all geared towards spreading joy. Operating from their cozy flat in Edinburgh, Jean and Poppy handcraft everything from prints to stickers and badges, not only reducing their environmental footprint but also ensuring top-notch quality in every Enbean creation.


Vouchers Available, Recycled packaging


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Illustration, Prints and Stickers

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Jean Anderson (Enbean art)

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