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Elin Isaksson Glass

The two techniques Elin uses are glass blowing and sandcasting, her blown glass are made in simple forms but with elements of movement either in the outline shape or by using decorative surface patterns. She tries to capture the movement which happens when working with blown glass, by showing off the gathering line when making my forms.
Elin’s blown work is often sculptural and used as decorative interior accessories but sometimes they also carry a function.
In her sand cast pieces she play’s with light, create textures and depth within the glass. Elin firstly blows her colours shards building up layers within the glass when pouring the molten glass. By using thin handmade shards and pulled stringers, she can make up my own colour palette and identity to suit her solid tactile sculptural forms.
Inspiration often comes from moving water, layers of ice and latest an interest using rocks as moulds for casting the forms. Elin is fascinated by the deep uneven textures the rocks create on the sides and base surfaces, in contrast to the glossy smooth top side of the glass cast.


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